Need ideas for your home theatre decor?

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home theatreAre you ready to amp up your custom home theatre with some authentic move theatre decor? Now that you have your new home theatre set up, you can add some nice touches that will make your home theatre feel more realistic. You do not have to spend a lot of money on these accessories to enhance the movie theatre vibe. Here are a few items that you can add to your custom home theatre that will be reminiscent of a real movie theater experience.

Popcorn Machine
The most classic accessory for any home theatre set up is a popcorn machine. Just offering pre-popped popcorn is not as exciting or as authentic as having a real popcorn machine. The sound as well as the smell will take you and your guests to back to that neighborhood movie theatre.

Candy & Soda Bar
What movie theater would be the same without candy?? Creating a little soda and drink bar for your guests will really enhance the authentic vibe of your home theatre room. Offer a variety of fan favorites and you will have the most popular home theatre in town.

Automatic Curtains
To really impress your friends, consider installing automatic curtains to cover your movie screen. Have the curtains connected to a remote that you can use to open and close the curtains at the touch of a button. Not only will you receive oohs and wows from your friends, installing automatic curtains over your screen will help protect the screen from dust and damage.

Movie Posters
Adding vintage framed movie posters to your home theatre room can really give the room that real movie theatre feel. Make sure to include a frame for a “Now Playing” poster that you can switch out for each movie you show. Even though movie posters are pretty inexpensive, purchasing a movie poster for every movie you show can really add up. Consider spending a little more money and installing a large digital frame that can rotate digital images of movie posters. You will save paper while really impressing your friends.

Blankets and Pillows
Make your guests comfortable by providing a plethora of cushy throw pillows and soft warm blankets. Most movie theaters are cold anyway, so make your room more desirable by provided some snuggly options. To keep them stowed when not in use, add a nice cabinet or a huge ottoman to properly store the blankets and pillows.

Personalized Marquis
To really give your home theatre a personal touch with a big wow factor, design a custom marquis that you can hang just outside of the room. Pair it with a fun little DIY ticket booth and you have really created a nifty home theatre set up.

Path Lighting
Be functional and more authentic by adding some path lighting to the aisles of your home theatre seating. It will not only prevent your guests from injuring themselves on the way to the bathroom, it will add a healthy glow to your room and remind everyone of a real movie theater.

Home theater systems come in many shapes and sizes; finding the perfect one for your family can help!

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Whether you are a home theater system aficionado or simply someone who is looking to spice up with home theater system with a great set of televisions, you can easily find out all that you need to install the perfect home theater system when you work with Argenta to set up your perfect home theater system. You will not need to worry about your many questions when you go ahead and get set up with a home theater system company that takes your needs and your concerns seriously. Plus, you cannot just buy a bunch of screens and components and how that they will all fit together easily. This will not make it easier for you to get a good deal on your system and will only end up causing you frustration, as the room will not end up with the best possible design for your needs. Don’t let these many issues end up causing you stress and anxiety! Instead, let a professional design team get you set up with all of the right elements to ensure  that your media room and home theater system looks just the way that you dreamed it would!

The great thing about working with Argenta’s professional home automation design team is that they have the design experience that you need when you are hoping to really design a great home theater system. The key to putting together a great home media complete with home automation, home theater, and home audio systems is to consider the aesthetic appeal in addition to the quality of the sound. Everything from your home theater seating to the way the components fit together should be considered in order to give you the kind of home automation system that you can count on for years to come; or at least until the technology changes. Argenta works to design your home theater system so that it does not overtake the room you are in. After all, if you are just adding some great home theater system components to your den, you probably do not want to have to stare at these items all the time. That’s why having a motorized projection screen added into the cabinetry in your den can give you the great home theater system you always wanted, but only when you want it. Or, you can always go with a Zero Edge screen to give the illusion of a larger screen than you might actually have. Have you considered bookshelf speaker designs? Or speakers specifically set up in the ceiling or in a wall? These are all excellent options for your home theater system and can give you the kind of system that you really have always dreamed of instead of a system that just does not quite make sense for you the way you hoped that it would.

At the end of the day, you will probably get a great home theater system with high quality speakers and screens, but without the assistance of a company like Argenta, how will you get the great design features that you have dreamed of?

The Evolution of Home Theater

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If you hate standing in line to get your ticket to watch a movie, or can’t stand being around too many people, or just don’t trust the sanitation practices of your local theaters but would want to watch movies regularly, why not create your own home theater. A home theater is nothing but a home entertainment system that tries to replicate the sound, mood, and experience of a movie theater using a variety of video and audio equipment including home automation systems.

Home Theater

Oval Couch on Home Theater Room

Movies at Home Playing home videos became a social epidemic in the United States as far back as 1950s. What made it popular was the release of the affordable Kodak 8 mm film projector. Further releases of new audio and video equipment like the LaserDisc and multi-channel audio systems in 1980s made it more popular. Then, the VCD player was introduced sometimes in the 1990s. Further innovations in video equipment like the DVD-video format, high-definition televisions, and the surround sound speaker system, improved the home theater experience. Front projector equipment was also used to project movies into a blank white wall. Recently, the invention of the Blu-Ray Disc, 3D television technology, automated systems with a home automation controller is making the home viewing of movies more preferable to going to theaters.

Professional Set-Up or DIY The home theater need not be set-up by professsionals. There are home theatre set-ups that can you can install by yourself with several components. A few years back, an economical home theater system simply has the basics: a large screen (at least 27 inches in diagonal screen size) television (standard definition), surround sound speaker system, and a sub-woofer. Slightly more expensive than that set-up includes a home theater personal computer, Blu-ray disc player, high definition video projector, a projection screen or blank white wall with a diagonal screen size of 100 inches or more, at least five surround sound speakers, receiver, and a more powerful subwoofer. Instead of a home theater personal computer, others use other devices that is capable of receiving video on a 10-foot user interface. A slightly high-end home theater set-up usually has television sets or projector equipment than can play 3D videos or movies. 3D glasses are needed for the viewers to see the 3D content. The really high-end home theater set-up can cost around $100,000 to build.

It has expensive projection equipment with very big projection screens. Some even have their screening room custom-built with chairs built like those in cinemas, and a sound equipment that would replicate or even exceed the performance of some commercial theaters. Those residing in Colorado go to Terracom Systems to design, build, and install their home theatre set-up. They are reportedly the leader in home theater and has been in the industry since 1990. They provide: custom home theaters, direct TV satellite, fabric walls, home media servers, LCD TV installation, plasma TVs, and surround sound speakers set-up. What’s more is that their initial consultation is of no cost to you, whether you are just selecting your audio and video equipment or creating a whole set-up and needing installation.

A home automation system can help protect your things

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It is hard to see day to day how much the sun can damage and fade the things inside our homes but if you have ever moved a piece or furniture or something hanging off the wall after it has been there for a long time you can see just how much of the color has faded from being constantly being exposed to sun. While there is not really anything that you can do to completely keep this from happening other than completely blocking off your home from any bit of sunshine during the day, which does not sound like a good option at all, there are at least a few things that you can do to help reduce the amount of sun damage that happens to your furniture and anything else inside of your house over time. As you might expect, the most damage happens to your things during the afternoon when the sunlight is blasting through your windows. One way to limit this is to make sure your blinds are closed during the peak hours of the afternoon. If you are always at home and very attentive to detail this might not be so hard. For what I am assuming is the rest of the 98% of us who would either forget to appropriately open and close our shades at the right time or would just not be home in order to do it, there is a much easier solution.

A lot of the newer blinds can be hooked up to a home automation system that can be installed by a home theater company like Quality Audio Video so that they can be hooked up to an automated track. This can help in a few ways. First of all, just opening and closing your blinds will be a lot easier with a home automation system because instead of having to figure out the overly complicated system of how to get both of the stings even so the blinds open and close tighter, you just have to push a button and they go up and down. This is great if you actually have a home theater since you can push one button to turn on all of the devices that you need to watch your movies and lower the lights and blinds.

home theaterYou can also set up your home automation system to be on a automated track so that when you leave the house the blinds can be set to automatically close at whatever time during the day and then open again a few hours later after the strongest hours of the afternoon have passed. This way you have a pretty no effort way to take care of your home both on the more important aspects like making sure that the things in your home last longer and look better as well as on the side of comfort like being able to open and close your blinds with a push of a button. Home automation systems are also pretty easy to install so give Quality Audio Video a call and see how long it would take for them to get you set up.

Home automation systems add luxury to your life.

October 11, 2014 Category :Argenta| home automation systems| hometheater3 Off most people, there are many things in their lives that they have, not because they need them, but because they are fun to have and add luxury and quality to their lives.  For example, most people could still live without their cell phone, but losing it forever would drastically decrease both the quality and the convenience of their life.  Another example is a car.  People can live without cars, but it makes traveling and getting to their job more difficult, so they choose to have one.  This sort of logic could be applied to numerous things in people’s lives.  A final example is a home automation system.  They exist not because people need them to survive, but because they are fun and add a large level of convenience to daily life.  Home automation systems are a luxury, and a fantastic one at that.

Home automation systems are one of the many technological advances of the last several decades.  Essentially, they are a system in your home that connects all of the devices in your home electronically.  The number of things you can connect to a home automation system is almost limitless.  For example, you can connect your home theater systems to it, making it incredibly easy to turn on your theater system, increase or decrease the level of sound, and dim the lights.  Following that logic, you can also connect all of the lights in your home to your home automation system.  You can connect your blinds to it, your home audio system, all of the televisions in your home, your lights, any other media device, and all of your security components.  Once they are all connected to your home automation system, you can control all of these various aspects of your home from your tablet, your smartphone (even if you are not at home!), or the central control panel.  In other words, as long as you have your phone or tablet within reach, you can dim the lights, lower the blinds, turn on the television, check your security cameras, and so much more.  One of the greatest luxuries of having a home automation system is the level of security you can feel in your home.  You can lock the doors, make sure your smoke detectors are working, and turn on your security cameras, all from your phone or tablet.  This means that even if you are at work, and you aren’t sure if you locked the door or not, you can check on it.  Having a home automation system really adds the luxury and convenience in your life.

Before installing your home automation system, you should make sure you find the right company for the job.  For example, one great home automation company in Utah is Argenta.  They have been working in the industry for some time, and they understand how to help you connect all of the various aspects of your home.  They have excellent knowledge of home theater systems, audio systems, and security components, and they can help you make sure you get the home automation system functioning fully and properly.


239 West 9000

South Sandy, UT 84070

United States


Add a home theatre system to the list for your dream home.

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home theatre systemsEveryone has a dream home fantasy. Maybe yours includes a three story slide that goes from your top floor down to the pool in your lush backyard. Or maybe you are thinking more along the lines of a hidden room that is accessible through a trap door in your library. Some of you may even have ideas about a mini roller coaster that takes you from room to room. These ideas may seem outlandish, but it is never bad to dream. A more reasonable addition to your dream home may involve a home theatre system. There are many different ways to incorporate a theatre system in to your home, and it may be easier than you would think. With a home theatre system you can create an escape in your home unlike any other. A home theatre system is so much more than buying and installing top quality components, it is about creating an atmosphere around your home’s unique acoustics and character. In order to ensure the success of your home theatre it is important to install the components in a way that optimizes performance and meets your aesthetic goals.

Argenta is a home theatre and automation company based in Utah. Their team has years of experience designing and installing top quality components to help you create a personalized theatre system in the comfort of your own home. They approach each home theatre project with an open mind and are there to listen to your ideas so that together you can develop a concept for your home theatre that exceeds your expectations. Argenta employs skilled engineers and technicians with industry certifications to ensure that your home theatre system will operate smoothly any time you need it. Their design team can help you to create the perfect escape within your home so that you can enjoy movie theatre quality without movie theatre prices and crowds. All of their home theatre projects are designed and engineered to fit your space and ensure the best picture sound and quality.

A home theatre system isn’t just about top quality components and excellent sound quality. Of course those things are important, but in order to create a full theatre experience there are many more details that must fall in to place. One of the most important is theatre and media room seating. The times are changing and overstuffed recliners with cup holders in each arm are the seating options of the past. At Argenta all of their theatre and media room seating options are custom designed for your space and your preferences. They have the largest showroom of theatre and media room seating in the entire state. Come and check it out for yourself and take any number of seating options for a test drive. You are guaranteed to find something that fits your needs, style, and space. Stop in today to check it out, or schedule an appointment with one of Argenta’s design specialists to help you find the perfect fit. All of their theatre and media room seating is designed with comfort in mind to ensure the best possible experience for all of your cinematic viewing needs.

How can home automation work for you?

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There is a new trend hitting modern homes in Denver, and that trend is home automation. Many people might be a bit unfamiliar with all the great benefits associated with a home automation system, but it could not be clearer that home automation is the key to the future for homeowners. It is certainly currently more of a luxury market, but the experts at Terracom Systems are ready to help make Colorado custom video and audio design ready! In fact, Terracom Systems is the leader in Denver home automation and they are the perfect company to set up you up with a great home automation system today, whether you are looking for a great Denver home theater system or a more practical purpose like a seamless home security system. This is truly the beauty of working with home automation: you can make your home set up with the security needs and the more exciting extras that everyone wants. But why should you make the investment and the step forward towards home automation? There are a multitude of excellent benefits associated with installing a top of the line home automation system in your home. In fact, these great benefits make it clear that an investment you make in your home by way of a home automation system is an investment that will last you for years.

The beauty of home automation- especially for someone who is physically impaired in some way- is that a single button can issue many commands to multiple parts of your home. With the ease of a single remote, you can easily integrate many different things in your home, from lighting to appliances to your media system to home security, all in one easy place. In addition to ease of use, home automation actually results in home energy savings a
s well! It is not just some easy way to make sure that your home systems are easy to operate; home automation means energy savings up to fifty percent! Indeed, part of your custom home automation and lighting design can involve “going green” and working with a system that gives you peace of mind at all times. You will never have to worry about your home when you are away ever again because of the great remote security systems that you can easily install in your home. For example, you can set up your home in such a way as to have a live video streaming to a computer wherever you happen to be working so that you can view what is happening at your home. In addition, a silent alarm will be triggered in the event of an intruder, giving you the opportunity to call the police who will catch them in the act of robbery. You will truly never have to worry about your home again. Your home will be safe and secure, no matter where you are, and you will have the ease and grace of home automation at your fingertips when you are at home. There are countless reasons to utilize a home automation system. Visit the folks at Terrcom Systems to get the very best system to fit your home automation needs.

Home Theater Technology has Come a Long Way, and There are Now Many Different Types of Home Theater Systems.

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home theaterThe way people do everything is changing, often as a direct result of technological achievements.  One industry that is a perfect example of this principle is the entertainment industry.  Obviously, people will always need to entertain themselves, but they ways in which people access their entertainment changes with the times.  Today, one of the biggest changes that is occurring is that fewer and fewer people are going to the movie theaters to see films and other entertainment because they are watching them at home, instead.  Plus, with the technology for home theaters getting better and better, a lot of people are not seeing the need to wait in line and pay exorbitant ticket prices at the movie theaters.  Home theater technology has come a long way, and there are now many different types of home theater systems.

The point of any type of home theater system is to get top of the line quality, without having to leave your home.  For that reason, you should be choosy about selecting a company to install your home theater.  There are many different companies out there, and you should put the research into finding the best one in your area.  In Denver, the best home theater business is Quality Audio Video, and they are adept at installing a wide array of different set-ups.  Whether you want a full-fledged home theater or one that is cleverly integrated into your living room, they will have the products, precision, and expertise to deliver exactly what you want.

The two main types of home theater systems are integrated, living space theaters and true home theaters, which are essentially small movie theaters.  As a matter of fact, the experience you can expect is even better than that of going to a movie theater, for several reasons.  First of all, due to the incredible technological advancements that have been made in video and audio technology, the actual picture and sound quality is often superior, when it comes to home theaters.  Not only that, because it is your personal theater, you can do whatever you feel like, within reason, of course.  Instead of popcorn, you can have dinner and a cocktail, while enjoying whatever form of entertainment you want.  You can watch your favorite sports games, concerts, as well as any television show or film.  There are a couple of downsides to the full-fledged home theaters, though they mainly have to do with the fact that they are more expensive and require a separate room.

If you would rather avoid having to devote an entire room to a theater, you can have a home theater built into your current living space, instead.  Living space theaters are nice because you can get the same level of quality, without having to invest quite as much money or inconveniencing yourself, as much.  If you want to take your home to the next level, in terms of technology, though, you may want to look into home automation, which is becoming an increasingly pervasive industry.

TerraCom helped us create a wonderful home theater

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home theater

Check out the room that used to be dubbed the “man cave”. It is now a fully functioning, high tech, top of the line home theatre installation that was done by TerraCom. The only reason I include the name of the installation company so quickly in this post is because I wanted to write and give them thanks for helping to create such a wonderful movie and entertainment room that our entire family gets plenty of enjoyment out of. Ever since this room was finished it has bee the place to be in our house. The guys at TerraCom set it up so you can watch TV, movies, play games or even just listen to music. There is a curtain that draws closed (or open) in front of the screen and the lights can be dimmed or set to fade between several color options. There is more than enough room for everyone here but I’m afraid this room has been so popular we can’t all seem to share it. That seems to be the best problem we could have hoped for considering how much money went into this room. However I have always dreamed of having my own home theater and now we not only have one, but we have the best around thanks to TerraCom.

There are a few reasons why I have decided to come online to endorse this amazing home automation company. The first, is obvious and is shown in the picture above. Our home theater system is beyond our wildest dreams and expectations and we couldn’t be happier with the final product. However, you have to take into consideration that there is much more than just the final product for you to see that experience. As a homeowner you have to think about the installation process itself and how to work collaboratively with a company. We felt that after all was said and done we got the highest quality work we could possibly imagine for a very fair price. Our home theater looks as if it costs 10 times more than it does and that makes us very proud whenever we hear compliments on it. So yes I am excited about the final product but I wanted to share my experience with you all so you could hear about what being a customer of Terracom is like.

First, you have to understand how much the owners of this company love their job and love what they do. Between the two of them they have over 30 years experience in audiovisual installation and can provide a number of services with unparalleled quality and expertise. They both share the same love and passion for electronics and each of their installers feels the same way. As they say on their website and as they will tell you you in person, they are not satisfied until you are. They know that to gain an edge in this market you have to be excellent every time so they don’t take any jobs for granted.
In addition to the home automation controller we have installed, there are a number of other services that this company offers such as security, surround sound, home lighting and phone data.




The Best Denver Home Automation Store

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A smart home or a home automation system is no longer just a figment of science fiction. In fact, because of the rise of smart phone and mobile connectivity, it has become much easier for companies to manufacture smart home technology. One of these companies is Quality Audio Video, which offers Denver home automation solutions to both residential and commercial consumers.

rise of smart phone and mobile connectivity,


In a simple home automation installation, the effects may be straightforward. For example, the lights can be switched on automatically when it detects that a person has entered the room. In an advanced installation, in addition to sensing the presence of a person in the room, it can also be set to provide music or turn on the TV, depending on the set schedule. For example, you can walk in to a room with advance home automation installations on a cold evening after work, the room can set the temperature higher and make the lights a bit brighter so you can feel warmer.

Quality Audio Video features three major benefits to their Denver home automation solutions. Specifically, these are smart home technology, whole home integration, and simple control. The company offers automated home control systems that allow homeowners easy control of their technologies. Using their mobile devices as remote controls, they can manipulate the lights, heating and air conditioning, TVs, and a variety of other smart home appliances.

Plus, Quality Audio Video’s automated control systems solutions are very easy to use. The interface used is primarily that of the Apple iOS. So, if you know how to use your iphone, then you can operate your home controls easily. The simple control system will do anything you want done as long as it is synced to your Apple device, which you will use as a remote control. From the home screen, you can already select a song or play a movie. You can dim the lights or turn on the air conditioning unit. You can operate your home theater system and enjoy entertainment customized to your preference.

For example, if you have a Denver home theater by Quality Audio Video, you will definitely be able to enjoy the sweet luxuries of convenience in your hands. You can dim the lights when you watch a movie of your choice and lounge on the couch as you play romantic music from your theater system’s speakers. You can set the mood during a dinner party as you play heartwarming music on the background. Indeed, home automation is the next generation system to vie for.

Colorado, Denver-based Quality Audio Video is reputed as a company that provides exceptional home automation and home theater installation services while also providing excellent customer service. What makes them a good service company is that they are dedicated to educating their clients and ensuring that they understand the home automation system being installed in their property. For clients who have yet to decide on what they need or have little knowledge about this next generation system, the company also provides in-home consultations and estimates free of charge. Quality Audio Video is a top notch choice for Denver home automation and Denver home theater needs.