What is New in Home Automation and Home Theatre Systems

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A wireless home theater system sells like pancakes as much as the entertainment industry is concerned. A lot of benefits and advantages have taken the wireless home theater system the lead for the preferred type of entertainment system in homes and even in offices and schools. Several problems and old TV dilemmas have now been addressed with the rise of the wireless home theater system. What are these old TV problems you mean?

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It addressed the issue of a single user conflict. If you ask any average family, a TV is the most valuable appliance a house can have. It saves everyone from boredom for one. It connects you to the outside world and makes you still in the loop is another reason. But for most of the time, the TV in the living room is the glue that lets everyone stick around, TV time is family time as they say. But, here comes the problem when father wants to watch football, mother wants to watch her favorite drama series and each of the children wants a totally different channel from the two. Before, there is your one and only TV that can even make conflict out of thin air. But, now wireless home theater systems have solved that problem by providing multiple panels in a single screen. Now, watch Nickelodeon, Discovery, NBA and Home channels all at the same time, and there would not be any problem at all.

Also, it addresses the issue of time slot conflicts and missing TV shows because of other tasks to be done. With the old TV sets, the channel controls the timeslot and no matter how hard you want it changed, it has always been the network’s prerogative (unless you own the network). But with the new smart TVs in a wireless home theater system, one can record and replay his or her favorite shows and even if you replay it a million times, nobody can take that away from you. Using the power of internet, it can record the shows you want to watch and just play it instantly the moment you are most available to watch. Isn’t that amazing? Problem with time conflict is solved.

A lot of other issues has also been addressed with the new smart TVs, such as providing health reminders if someone is watching too much TV for prolonged hours already. You can also just type in keywords you need to Google instantly if you do not understand something that a character in your favorite series said or elaborate and research on something mentioned in one of the TV shows you are watching. An energy reminder to make the viewers conscious of how much energy they have been consuming watching TV shows all day long and the like. These are customization additions and programs to a home automation theater system.

All of these developments and innovations has improved each family’s TV experience and wireless home theater systems has been a big help to that existing problem. Now, do you want to improve your home TV watching experience? Solve your TV problems with wireless home theater systems.

When to spend and when to save on your home theater

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Having your own home theater is approximately the epitome of luxury living. With how good the technology has become if you are able to put together a decent system the quality can quite easily compare to that of what you could find in an actual movie theater. The biggest and best differences being that when you have your own home theater you can use it when and as often as you would like without having to pay any extra and if you want you can watch all of your favorite movies and not even have to put pants on. Home theater systems are not super cheap and so for me they fall into the category of “if you really want to spend your money on this thing, you better do it right.” Why spend thousands of dollars on all of the bells and whistles of having your own home theater system if it isn’t going to be high quality and last for years, if not decades, to come. There is not point in making that big of an investment only to purchase something that may not last more than a few years without breaking or needing to be replaced to keep up with the new “it” technology. Of course some things you buy are going to be worthless and phased out soon enough no matter what you do like a DVD player or even Blu-ray. home theaterDeveloping technology is just going to replace that stuff in a few years no matter what you do so you might as well buy one that will do the job for a few years. Don’t buy one that it s going to kill you inside to have to get rid of it in a few years because you will be getting rid of it. On the other hand, items such as good speakers or even a good TV can be long lasting and important pieces in your home theater system. If you do enough research and buy some of the best speakers you can find they can last you a lifetime. My dad still has the speakers that he bought while he was in college and they still sound fantastic and work wonderfully. The trick to a great home theater system is to put your odds on items that are going to last and are worth the money such as furniture, speakers, a TV or whatever else you want to retrofit your home theater with and then try to restrict your budget on things that you will have to replace in a few years such as a media player (VHS, DVD, Blu-Ray players) and on gaming systems (PlayStation, Nintendo, Wii, Xbox, GameCube) which are probably going to come out with a new version before you even get the old one home and set up. This way you can afford to spread your budget around and be able to get the most from your home theater system and be able to enjoy any movie you want, any time you want, straight from the comfort of your own home.

TerraCom Customizes Your Home Theater

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A home theater can be just the addition to your home to make it the perfect hang out place. You can bring the silver screen experience to your own home. Imagine going to a movie theater but instead of those dirty, old seats, you get to sit on your own couch, eat your own food, and start and stop the movie whenever you want. That is what you get with a home theater. Imagine going to a bar to watch your favorite team’s big game, but you get to ask the bartender to put the volume wherever you want, flip the channel over to another game as you please, and all of the drinks are always on special. This is your home theatre. TerraCom will install your home theater in no time, giving you the home theater experience that will make you the envy of your friends. On top of this, TerraCom systems specialize in home automation. This goes far beyond just movies and sports. Your whole house will be online, metaphorically and literally. Home automation connects all of your lights, heating, and other electronic, remote-sensitive devices to a single program. This means that you can control them all with a single remote control. Additionally, the home automation system includes getting your house’s systems connected to the Internet, so it will also literally be online. With all of these things, however, you need to hire the right company in order to get the most bang for your buck. What I mean is that all of these things lend themselves to custom design. A house can have a home theater and home automation installed when the house is built, but most people have it installed after the fact. So the house is already be designed with different limitations in mind. If the home automation system or the home theater is being put in later, it needs to be adapted, or customized to the house. The home theater is a good illustration of this point. The difference between a home theater and a room with a big TV is the design of the room. You want the room to be designed as such to accommodate for the acoustics of the theater. The lighting needs to be installed as such that it is like a movie theater. A professional with TerraCom will be able to re-design your room to transform it into a home theater. TerraCom can customize your home theater the specifics and details of your house. This also applies home automation. Home automation must necessarily be customized. If you are going to invest in a home theater, why would you want to settle for a company that is going to just give you some standard, default setting for your home theater and home automation system? Whether it is watching the game or staying in for a movie night, the benefit of a home theater is that it is you own. So truly make it your own by hiring a company that is able to customize it to your preferences.

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Home theater systems are even better than the movie theater nowadays

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custom home theater For the longest time, my favorite thing in the world to do was going to the movie theater. I have so many memories associated with movie theaters. Theaters were always the location of choice for dates with my first girlfriends, I used to go to them with a group of friends for my birthday, and my brother and I used to walk to the theater on boring summer days when we were out of school. I certainly have a lot of nostalgia associated with the movie going experience. Lately I haven’t really been enjoying it like I used to. There are just so many things that get to me. For example, I invariably end up sitting next to noisy and annoying people who ruin my movie watching experience. Also, the theaters are usually really messy, with stale popcorn littered all over the place and sticky floors underneath the seats. It really disgusts me and takes me out of the moment. Due to all these negative factors, I’ve begun looking into getting my own custom home theater installed in my house. I have the perfect spot for it in a room in my basement that I recently finished. I can just imagine how great it would be to have a movie theater within my access at any given time. I’ve been looking at all the advantages of having a home theater system over going to the theaters, and I think I’m pretty much sold on the idea.

I think one of the most attractive things about having your own theater in your home is that it is such a versatile experience. When going to the movie theater, your choices of what to watch are extremely limited. Your only options are current movies that have just come out, and these days movies don’t stay in the theater for very long before they get released on Bluray and DVD. With a home theater, your viewing options are virtually endless. You can watch any movie that you own, and unlike the theaters you can pause at any time if you need to use the restroom or grab a snack. Another reason I really like the idea of having a home theater is that it will allow me to take full advantage of all the streaming video services that are available these days. It is much cheaper to sign up with one of these services rather than build up a huge DVD collection, and with a home theater I could use these services with the proper setting and atmosphere.

One thing that always made me hesitate to finally get a home theater was thinking about all the wires that would be all over the place. This problem has been solved, however, as wireless home theater systems have really taken off. I can’t stand having a mess of wires in my home entertainment systems, and with a wireless home theater system I would fully eliminate this annoyance. All in all, I think home theaters are much preferable to actual theaters.

Building a Home Theater Room on a Budget

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If you are considering adding a new room in your house to turn into a home theater room, knowing the best elements that will make your new room a great entertainment area will give you more bang for your buck.

The shape of the room is one of the most important elements of your home theater area. It will spell a difference between a room with good acoustics and a room with audio problems. Even if you get the best sound system, an improperly shaped room will just degrade its sound quality, or worse you and your audience will find it difficult to understand the dialogue in the movie or show you will be watching.

Fret not. You don’t need a fortune to get such great room, nor would you need a degree on acoustical science. You just need to follow a few simple steps.

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Avoid Square

To begin with, do not make your room into a square. A square-shaped room will just build up the sounds and bounce them off its walls. Hearing the sound of the show you are watching will be just like you are singing in a shower.

If you are stuck with a square room, however, because you will be using an existing room or that you are limited by existing room design plans, do not worry. There are still solutions you can follow to still ensure that have good acoustics on your home theatre room.

Place furniture in strategic locations all over your room to help absorb the sound. Pad the other surfaces of the room. Place acoustic panels and, of course, use carpet. Avoid having hard, flat surfaces. They will just aggravate bad acoustics.

A Rectangular Room

If you can do a rectangular room, take note of these ratio: 1 height: 1.6 width: 2.6 length. The width of your room should be 1.6 times its height. The length of your room should be 2.6 times its height. This is considered as the perfect ratio in terms of acoustics. Deviations should be as small as possible.

Trimming or padding your room so that a portion is narrower helps to lessen the surface area of flat surfaces. You can also add risers or providing levels on your ceiling and floor.

Home Theatre Installation

Your home theater installation should be handled by professionals, though. There are several stores who can provide to you the service when you purpose their home theatre system.

There are home theater in a box packages available for those on a budget. It is relatively less expensive. It bundles a player (whether DVD or Blu-ray), a set of speakers, and a multi-channel amplifier. The speakers package includes: surround sound speakers (at least five), speaker wires, connection cables, remote control, and a sub-woofer (low-frequency).

You could also have your home theatre set-up use a home PC and some media center software that has music playback and video features. This system has a 10-foot user interface design that can be used on a living room television with a remote control.

Our wireless home theater splurge

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We have always talked about getting ourselves a wireless home theater system installed throughout the house, but we really have never been able to budget properly for it and get it all sorted out with the rest of the bills that we have to pay every month. But this year, we finally decided to make it a priority, and we just saved and spent a lot less than we would have otherwise, and we were able to save up enough money to actually get the system installed. It was somewhat perfect, because we discovered that we knew someone who was trying to get their audio visual business started and he needed some great work to show as a portfolio of past projects. So he was willing to cut us a bit of a deal in order to get the work done in time for the trade show that he was scheduled to show off his work at.  And in the process of giving him photos and work to show off as a business, he gave us a really great discount on all the work that he did. We essentially ordered all the wireless home theater system parts ourselves, and had them delivered over the course of a few weeks to our home.  Then we did the work of moving everything out of the way and procuring all the tools that are necessary to install a job like that. And then he took the weekend and came over and did all the wireless installation pieces of the work for free. So while we have the system that we have always wanted, we really did get it for a great deal. And we are excited that we were able to help our friend get his business off the ground with some great work that he can show he has completed already, and we are hoping that this really starts to draw up some business for him, because he did a great job for us.

We now have speakers in every room of the house, and they are attached to our wireless network. That means that we can use our computers or even our phones to play music or radio programs through our wireless home theater system.  We can play music in the kitchen when we are preparing dinner, and then we can play the tv show through the house sound system so that it sounds like we are watching our regular shows in a movie theater. That has been the coolest parts for me, that I can play really great music while I’m working away on dinner in the kitchen, and then that I can watch my favorite shows while I’m feeling like I’m sitting in a movie theater. My son loves the system too, because he can put on his shows and listen to them through the speakers in his room, and we can all enjoy music while we are hanging out on the outside patio. Or even listen to the foot ball game while we are doing yard work in the fall.

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The Possibilities When It Comes To Home Theater Systems Is Almost Endless

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custom home theaterWhen you think about your home, is there anything that you feel like you are lacking or would like to update? There seems to always be something that you can do to update your home and if you are looking for an update in your home entertainment options then a custom home theater system may be right for you. When it comes to the best of the best in custom home theater systems in Denver, Colorado you can count on Quality Audio Video. This is a company that has worked hard for years to make sure that they are satisfying the needs of their clients and customers in the mile high city when it comes to home theater systems. They are there to work with you and your home so that you can get the right home entertainment set up that is best for you and your family. From small installations and updates to your current home entertainment system to complete overhauls and construction and installation of brand new home theaters this is a company that you can trust and rely on. They know that your home entertainment theater is important to you and that not everyone has the same wants and needs when it comes to their house and home theater needs. This is the reason that they treat each and every customer differently so that they can help you figure out what you are really looking for when it comes to you and your family’s home theater system. They are the most professional and most knowledgable when it comes to Denver home automation and they are willing and able to work with you.

Spending quality time with my wife in our new home theater

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Both my wife and I love television.  We also work way too much.  So there isn’t very much time that we can spend together.  At the most, we have about an hour together in the night.  That happens to be the perfect amount of time to watch a TV episode.  We decided that in order to enhance the little time that we have together, we would invest in a brand new state of the art home theater.  There were actually many decisions that had to be made about what kind of options we wanted.  It turned out that the planning of the home theater was a fun project that we did over a weekend with the help of TerraCom, which was recommended to us by some friends that had a similar situation .  The TerraCom team was super nice and incredibly informative.  We were able to totally customize our home theater so that it was just right for us.  We decided on a hundred inch LED 4k television manufactured by a company from China named Lenovo.  That was a pretty easy decision when it came down to it.  The hard choice was actually the sound system.  There was a lot of options, but we ended up deciding on a Bose system with Dolby 5.1 surround sound.  We also installed a window shades that go up and down with a remote control.  The whole system is actually controlled by remote control.  It has been a real blessing to be able to spend the precious little time we have together watching our favorite TV shows in our new home theater.

TerraCom installed a great system for me

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The ease of use of my new home automation system has resulted in the most spectacular home theater system that I’ve ever seen.  I started looking at home theater systems about a year ago.  I called around Denver and talked to just about every home theater service provider in town.  There was one vendor that I kept coming back to.  TerraCom had the best customer service and had the most knowledgeable employees of any companies that I talked to.  TerraCom installed the Control 4 home automation system in my place, which allows me to control the home entertainment system and also control the new security system that they put in.  I can now control my whole house with just the touch of a button.  My lights, my security system, and of course my home theater system can be controlled by remote control.  The installation was really painless to instal.  I thought that the technicians were going to punch a lot of holes in the in the drywall, but all they had to do was drill tiny holes that were hidden by the base boards and the trim.  The ease of operation of the system can only be outdone by the energy saving that the control of lights has given me.  The thing that I appreciated most was that TerraCom really took the time to talk with me in order to understand what my particular needs were and in doing so, they were able to create a totally customized system.  I highly recommend them.

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Home automation at its best

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Having great home automation is a great part of living today. To be able to have access to many things while we are away makes things very nice also it makes for great convenience and also an enjoyable home when you’re able to have entertainment at your fingertips and also many other information sources combined into one. Home automation is great for a streamlined way to be able to enjoy one room in the house for all kinds of information access and entertainment. Many people today are building customized home theaters that allow them to experience them in ways like never seen before. By being able to access Internet programming from your television you were able to access more information and entertainment than ever before.denver home automation Also new devices allow you to access special downloads of movies and television without having to pay a monthly fee. This gives people special opportunities to save and also enjoy extra programming like never before. To be able to integrate this altogether into one system can take some creativity and training. You can take some knowledge to know how to put it altogether to make it work seamlessly. Being able to access our homes and information like ever before it makes things more convenient more entertaining and more helpful in many ways. Upgrade your home theater system and see how much home automation can help you in your house to enjoy a little bit of spoiled down time after a hard day or week at work.